Jeremy Lin Fans Speak Out: 11K Petition New York Knicks Front Office for PG's Return

Jeremy Lin fans are not ready to see him leave the New York Knicks and have decided to petition for his return with over 11,000 people supporting the movement.

In the official petition written to New York Knicks management, thousands are supporting an online plea called "New York Knicks Management: Keep Jeremy Lin-Match the Houston Rockets' Offer." In the petition, the creator listed as "I Am Linsane" described their reasoning for appealing the Knicks management.

"Jeremy Lin is the best thing that has happened to New York Knicks basketball in the last 20 years. With Jeremy Lin as the team's leader, the team won," the fan wrote in the petition signed by 12,047 at press time. "He's the one player the New York Knicks need to keep, not lose. Don't let Jeremy Lin go - match the Rockets' offer."

One person who signed the petition further elaborated on why the team should deal with a hefty luxury tax to keep the 23-year-old Asian-American point guard who became a Knicks starter last season when the team was suffering from multiple injuries in their backcourt.

RJ O'Connell maintained: "Without this kid, the Knicks would not have gone to the playoffs this year and that is a cold hard fact. He saved the season," O'Connell wrote. "He brought a brand of basketball to the Garden that electrified an entire city. Don't tell me he priced himself out of New York."

O'Connell went on to say that the Knicks front office would be mistreating Lin if they let him go to the Houston Rockets who have offered him $25.1 million for three years.

"If the Knicks let him walk, it would show the absolute ignorance of the front office. Let him test the market and then drag his name through the mud when another team determines he is worth 15mil in the last year," the fan wrote on the petition. "I'm not here to watch a talented young player and a good person get that kind of treatment. Dolan and Co., if you don't sign him, consider me and a ton of other people across the Brooklyn Bridge to Barclays."

The comment was supported by 177 people.

While the Knicks head coach Mike Woodson previously said that the team would match any offer for their starting point guard that graduated from Harvard University, the recent addition of Raymond Felton as point guard caused many to question the team's intentions. However, the team's small forward Carmelo Anthony said he believes Lin would like to come back and that the Knicks would like the same thing.

Still, Anthony seemed to blame the Rockets for extending such a high offer to the point guard that the Knicks could have issues matching.

"I would love to see him back, honestly, I would definitely love to see him back. But knowing the business of basketball, it's kind of a tough situation, kind of for both parties," Anthony admitted to the press recently. "With Jeremy, I know he definitely would want to be back in New York, and with the team, (owner James) Dolan definitely wants him back. It was ridiculous for [the Rockets] to do what they did, as far as throwing that out there and making it tough on us to sign him back."

According to The New York Times, the Knicks have until Tuesday night to match the Rockets' offer.