Jeremy Lin Says He's Blessed Despite Being Labeled 'Overrated' By Fans

Jeremy Lin, the New York Knicks starting point guard who sparked a win streak that was labeled "Linsanity" in February, is overrated, according to NBA fans. Still, the Harvard graduate called playing in the NBA a blessing.

The crowd at the United Center focused on 23-year-old Lin and his visiting Knicks during the team's 104-99 loss to the Chicago Bulls on Monday night. The crowd chanted "Over-rated! Over-rated!" at Lin during his free throws, which seemed to be echoed by NBA fans on Twitter.

"Hope you got your receipt for that Jeremy Lin shirt," one person tweeted.

The "Fake ESPN," a Twitter account known for its commentary on popular sports headlines, also tweeted about the decline of "Linsanity."

"Jeremy Lin jerseys are still hot, but only because fans are now using them for pulling casseroles out of the oven," The Fake ESPN tweeted.

Metta World Peace, Los Angeles Lakers forward, even took to his Twitter account to join in on poking fun at Lin.

"Is Jeremy Lin still in the NBA," Peace questioned on his Twitter account. "I have not heard much."

While Lin admitted that losing was not easy for him or the Knicks, he maintained that he was blessed for getting the opportunity to play in the league.

"Every day we get to play, it's a blessing," Lin told the press after the team's sixth straight loss. "Obviously losing doesn't feel great to play afterwards."

Although the Knicks were bumped out of the No. 8 seed in the Eastern Conference and tied their season-high six-game losing streak after their loss to Chicago, Lin said the team may need more time to prove themselves.

"We try to play for each other and try to sacrifice and be there for each other and it's gonna take some time," Lin said after the game against Chicago.

The Knicks point guard who has been vocal about his Christian faith tweeted a biblical message after his team's fifth straight loss, amid criticism about his contribution to the team.

"Romans 12:12-- Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer," Lin tweeted on Sunday. "Stay with us Knicks nation! I'll be better and we will improve as a team. Time to turn things around."