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Jeremy Lin News: Injuries Are Godly Lessons About Gratitude, Humility

Jeremy Lin News: Injuries Are Godly Lessons About Gratitude, Humility

After suffering from two separate hamstring injuries that have kept him on the sidelines for much of the season, Jeremy Lin is choosing to focus on what God is teaching him from the setbacks.

Brooklyn Nets guard Jeremy Lin (7) works the ball against Boston Celtics guard Avery Bradley (0) in the second quarter at TD Garden in Boston, Massachusetts, October 26, 2016. | (Photo: Reuters/USA Today Sports/David Butler II)

Lin, the 28-year-old guard who was signed to the Brooklyn Nets last year, hasn't had the opportunity to play up to his full potential after missing 17 games due to a hamstring injury he suffered on Nov. 2. Then, on Dec. 26, Lin was sidelined again after he injured his left hamstring.

Now, the Christian NBA star is leaning on God during the tough time. According to Lin, God's been teaching him about gratitude and humility through his physical trials.

"Thank you for everyone's support and prayers! Not gonna lie, this season's been very painful physically, mentally and emotionally, not being able to battle with my crew night in night out," Lin wrote on Instagram late last week. "But God's been teaching me a lot about gratitude for the little things, full surrender of my greatest dreams, humility in service to my teammates and trust in His perfect timing. I'm working extremely hard to get right again ... thanks again for the love!"

While it's not known when he'll be able to return to the court, the point guard was optimistic when he spoke to reporters about his injury earlier this week. According to Lin, his recovery seems to be progressing more quickly than when he had his first hamstring injury this season.

"It's been less than a week and I've shot, so that's really encouraging," Lin told reporters, according to "I remember how long it took me to shoot previously."

 But sitting on the sidelines, he said, has been difficult. "That's life and I think it's more how you respond from it," he said. "I'm given this, so how I can still pour into my teammates and study the game or different things. I know in a lot of ways, a lot of setbacks or things I've really not enjoyed have been the most valuable for me in terms of being a learning experience."

When he was first picked up by the Brooklyn Nets last year, Lin asked his fans to pray for a spiritual transformation to take place on the team this season.

"Please pray for this upcoming season. Not only that we would play well and far exceed expectations (which let's just be honest, aren't very high right now lol), but that there would be revival on our team," Lin wrote. "I'm hoping my teammates come to Christ, that lives are transformed and that we experience God's power on AND off the court this season."


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