Jeremy Lin Suffers Back Injury Two Games After Return; Trade Rumors Swirl

Houston Rockets star Jeremy Lin suffered a new back injury on Friday in the 116-112 win against the Golden State Warriors, just two games after coming back from a sprained and bruised right knee. Rumors, meanwhile, are swirling that he might be traded this summer.

"I only played him 14 or 15 minutes in Portland because you could tell he was out of rhythm," said Rockets assistant coach Kelvin Sampson, according to "The game kind of dictates your substitution patterns, … but I certainly made an effort against Golden State to get him more minutes. He needs to get in a rhythm. We're disappointed that he's out, not nearly as disappointed as he is, I'm sure."

The popular Christian athlete sustained the injury on Friday after running into Warriors center Andrew Bogut, which forced him to leave the court after 21 minutes of play. Although Lin returned in the final few minutes, the injury is a setback to his recovery plan coming back from six games out due to the knee injury.

The Dream Shake reported Saturday on rumors that the Rockets are considering trading Lin.

"And I know this is blasphemy, but I'm telling you right now: Jeremy Lin could also be on his way out of Houston," Alan Hahn of ESPN Radio was quoted as saying.

"If they can find a taker for him and that contract ... like I said from what I heard, I've talked to some GM's from around the league, there is a strong feeling that if the Rockets can find a taker, they will definitely move Jeremy Lin, that's for sure."

In October, The Christian Post sat down with Lin for an interview about the film "Linsanity," which showcases the athlete's progress in the basketball world, his rising fame, and his faith in Jesus Christ.

"For me it's just where God calls me to be, and as long as I know that, I will have peace deep down inside even though I might not enjoy what's going on or not enjoy what just happened, or whatever, as long as I know I'm where God wants me to be, that's the most important thing," Lin said about the transition process of playing for teams in San Francisco, New York, and now in Houston.

"In my life, He has taken me to a lot of different places and a lot of unexpected turns, but at the end, He's been faithful through it all."