Jeremy Lin Tired of the 'Linsanity?'

Jeremy Lin, New York Knicks starting point guard, seems to be tired of "Linsanity," the phenomenon that was birthed from his historic rise to fame over the past three weeks.

Lin, 23, spoke about the media and fans shifting the focus from him to his team, whom he thinks is just as impressive.

"I mean, we're unbelievably talented and you look on the headlines, you look on ESPN, you see 'Lin this' and 'Lin that,'" Lin recently told reporters. "But we may be the deepest team in the NBA, so I think we should start talking about that as well."

NBA stars, sports pundits, celebrities and fans alike have been taken aback by Lin's rise to fame, since multiple teams waived the Asian-American guard from their rosters and he was playing in the NBA D-League only a few months ago. Despite his struggles making it into a starting lineup, Lin managed to become the first player in NBA history to put up numbers of at least 20 points and seven assists in each of his first four starting games.

Lin also made history in his first week starting for an NBA team as the second highest scoring player in league history over a period of four game starts. However, Knicks coach Mike D'Antoni has reminded people that Lin should be treated as a first-year player.

"We have to understand that Jeremy's an unbelievable story. He's gone from nothing to a real good player in the league," D'Antoni said. "But he is a rookie, this is the first time he's seeing things, and now we're talking about him getting to the level of a Steve Nash or Baron Davis or Russell Westbrook, or (Rajon) Rondo."

However, Lin said the Knicks are focusing less on his personal successes and more on the possibility of winning a championship ring.

"I think as a team we're hungry, because we understand what we have. We understand that we have a chance if we get this thing right, if we can start building chemistry and go on a winning streak, we could be dangerous," Lin said. "So that's what our team's focused on."