Jeremy Lin Trade Talk: Could Be Heading to Bulls or Lakers?

As Jeremy Lin continues recovering from back spasms and other injuries that have kept him on the sidelines for the Houston Rockets, trade rumors are pointing him toward the Chicago Bulls or LA Lakers next year.

"Two teams that have been rumored for a trade and in need of a point guard are the Los Angeles Lakers and Chicago Bulls, with injury riddled L.A. holding as many as 12 expiring contracts, and the Bulls figuring out their future with Derrick Rose likely sidelined for a full season once again," the International Business Times reported on Thursday.

Alan Hahn of ESPN Radio revealed last weekend that the popular Christian athlete may be on his way out of Houston this coming summer.

"If they can find a taker for him and that contract ... like I said from what I heard, I've talked to some GM's from around the league, there is a strong feeling that if the Rockets can find a taker, they will definitely move Jeremy Lin, that's for sure," Hahn said.

IB Times theorized that if traded to the Lakers, Lin "could step in and contribute immediately" by allowing star Kobe Bryant to once again become the team's primary scorer.

"Lin proved he can play alongside a top-flight two guard last season, helping James Harden reach All-Star status and become one of the league's best scorers in the league," the article continued.

It added that Lin could also be a very useful addition to the Bulls, whose star player, Derrick Rose, tore the MCL in his right knee earlier this season and will likely miss the remainder of the campaign.

A Bleacher Report analysis on Lin's potential trade this summer further positioned the Orlando Magic and Milwaukee Bucks as possible destinations for the point guard.

"Lin has shown the ability to draw plenty of fans, which might be important given Milwaukee's uncertain future as a franchise. If the goal is to make the playoffs next year, and it seemingly always is, then Lin could be a good fit in a pick-and-roll-heavy offense with John Henson and Larry Sanders," the article noted.

A majority of fans, however, still remain skeptical that Lin will indeed leave the Rockets, according to an online poll by Bleacher which has received close to 4,000 votes.

So far, 62.3 percent of the voters have said they do not believe Lin will be traded, while 37.7 percent believe he will be.