Jeremy Meeks Mugshot: Admirers Vow to Pay $900,000 Bail to Free Convicted Felon

(PHOTO) Facebook: Stockton Police DepartmentConvicted felon Jeremy Meeks' mugshot went viral

A California criminal's mugshot went viral on Wednesday after it was posted on Facebook by the Stockton Police Department.

Jeremy Meeks, who is a convicted felon, was reportedly arrested on felony weapons charges during a a gang raid in Stockton, however, it is his good looks that have people talking.

The mug shot, which garnered more than 20,000 likes within a 24-hour period, has been plastered all over social media and admirers are now asking where they can bail Meeks out.

Meeks, 30, was reportedly charged with illegal possession of firearms and ammo, carrying a loaded firearm in public and criminal street gang activity, according to

The gang raid was a multi-agency task force that included various police force units including the Stockton PD Gang Violence Suppression Unit, Community Response Team, County Wide Gang Task Force and nine other organizations, including the FBI, according to SPD Facebook page.

"Due to a recent increase of shootings and robberies in the Weston Ranch area, the Stockton Police Department just completed a multi-agency Operation Ceasefire enforcement mission," the department wrote in a post alongside Meeks' mugshot.

"Through an Operation Ceasefire analysis of the recent shootings, we identified a new active group in the Weston Ranch Area," they added.

Meeks sports various neck and facial tattoos in his mugshot and despite his criminal past, admirers remain captivated by his handsomeness.

His bail was reportedly set at $900,000 and admirers have vowed to start a fund to help free the repeat offender.

"Marry me!! He should be a model. Where can I pay bail? #freehim," one Facebook user wrote.

"I think I just died and went to heaven. I am in Love. What a beautiful man. Let's start a fund for him. Im serious!" another admirer wrote.

"I can not believe there are actually people celebrating him and willing to pay his caution. Dumb, dumber, people on the internet," one seemingly unimpressed user wrote.