Jeremy Renner in Vicious Thailand Attack

Actor Jeremy Renner has escaped a vicious attack in Thailand with only minor injuries.

The actor had been in a pub in the resort town of Phuket, Thailand on Wednesday night when one of his friends dropped a drink on the floor. The friend was hotel manager Vorasit Issara. The Examiner reports that several of the employees of the Rachada Pub became angry and attacked Issara, and the group of friends. It has been reported that a glass was thrown.

One of the attackers used a homemade rotor axe to stab Issara in the neck. He was stabbed again with a knife in his stomach.

"He was at the bar when the fight broke out and he exited," reports Renner’s representative to E! News. The representative said that the “Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol” star was “not injured” and “not involved” in the attack, but he did leave with minor injuries.

Issara was not as lucky, and was seriously injured when Suchart "Ball" Palae, 26, stabbed him in the neck with an axe, and Nareubate "Ko" Tednok, 18, plunged a knife in the hotel manager’s gut according to E!. Phuket Police said he is suffering from partially severed neck tendons and bruises all over his body. He remains in a hospital.

E! reports that the fight broke out around 4:30 a.m.

The pub was the third pub Renner and his friends had visited that night. Renner was reportedly accompanied by Issara another man and two women.

The six men were arrested and charged with attempted murder.

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