Jermaine Jones Tells of Being Tested by God Before 'American Idol' Disqualification

Although Jermaine Jones, one of 12 contestants competing on "American Idol," was reportedly kicked off of the show, he tweeted about God showing him favor before his Twitter account was deleted.

Jones, 25, let his fans know that he had been disqualified from "American Idol" after speculation rose concerning him lying about his father abandoning him. Other reports claim that the soulful singer dubbed "The Gentle Giant" witheld some information about legal trouble.

Although none were confirmed by Jones, the former "American Idol" contestant let fans know that his faith was being tested before announcing his dismissal from the show.

"Its my gift that will make room for me....and the favor of God on my life.....not no stupid story," Jones tweeted. "Just got off the phone with my mother... God is so good and he's an on-time God!"

Jones compared his struggles to that of Jesus Christ, speaking about his trials falling in line with the holy figure's crucifixion.

"They nailed him to the cross and he's the son of God," Jones tweeted. "Thank you lord for tests and trials for they come to make you strong.... #iwasnotBUILTtoBREAK!"

Jones, a 6'8" crooner, reportedly went on the show and spoke about being abandoned by his father 10 years ago. The singer also spoke about the negative impact that the lack of a paternal figure had on him and his mother.

However, TMZ reported that the story was not entirely true. After Jones reportedly expressed upset about his father's absence, the publication found Kevin Jones.

Kevin, Jermaine's father, told TMZ that the pair had a relationship and that he had eaten dinner with his son recently. A few days later, news broke that Jones was disqualified from the show which will air on Wednesday night.

"Awww I will no longer b on the show," a tweet from Jones' official "Idol" Twitter account said before it was mysteriously deleted.