Jerry Sandusky Lawyer Tells Doubters to Call Gay Hotline

Joseph Amendola, Jerry Sandusky's attorney, held a press conference on Tuesday telling those who believe the accusations of sexual abuse against his client to "call 1-800-REALITY."

Standing on the courthouse steps after Sandusky waived his preliminary hearing to go directly to trial, Amendola declared the innocence of the former Penn State coach in an odd statement:

"Anyone who is naive enough to think for a minute that Tim Curley, Joe Paterno, Gary Schultz and, for that matter, Graham Spanier, the university president, were told by Mike McQueary that he observed Jerry Sandusky having anal sex with a 10-year-old-looking kid in a shower at Penn State or Penn State property and their response was to simply tell Jerry Sandusky that, 'Don't go in the shower room any more with kids.' I suggest you dial 1-800-REALITY. Because that makes absolutely no sense."

"1-800-REALITY" turned out to be an actual gay sex hotline. Upon calling the number, a provocative soundtrack begins playing with an operator welcoming the caller to the "hottest place for xxx action" and declared it a portal for "gay, bi and bi-curious studs."

Sandusky has yet to recover from his November interview flub with sportscaster Bob Costas when he couldn't answer directly whether or not he was attracted to young boys:

"Sexually attracted? You know, I enjoy young people. I love to be around them. I … but, no, I am not sexually attracted to young boys," Sandusky stumbled.

Sandusky is facing over 50 charges of sexual abuse and molestation.