Jerry Sandusky’s Pastor: Former Penn State Coach Can Be Forgiven

Jerry Sandusky’s pastor recently shared his thoughts on the child sex abuse scandal surrounding the former Penn State assistant coach, saying the hope for forgiveness always exists, even if such a crime may never be forgotten.

Sandusky, who was charged with sexually abusing eight boys over a 15-year period, appeared for a preliminary hearing at the Centre County Courthouse in Bellefonte, Pa., on Tuesday.

Edwin Zeiders, who has been Sandusky's pastor for over 20 years at St. Paul's Methodist Church, was present at the hearing. The pastor revealed to CNN that he still talks daily with Sandusky.

Zeiders said that Sandusky should be forgiven, although his alleged crimes cannot be forgotten, and that everyone involved in the abuse and alleged cover-up needs to be held accountable.

The pastor also revealed that Sandunksy and his wife, Dottie, have not appeared at the church since the charges against the former coach were made, but that the pastoral staff at St. Paul’s was providing care and support to all who have been affected by the case.

Zeiders added, "We continue to define the local congregation as a people of love and restoration, while giving witness and endless stream of mercy from our Lord and the forgiveness the opens the doorway to new life [sic]."

A number of church leaders from the State College community previously spoke with The Christian Post and shared their views on how Christians should respond to issues similar to the child sex abuse allegations Sandusky is facing, and whether forgiveness is possible.

Pastor Stevens Lynn of Grace Lutheran Church said that people can move forward toward forgiveness, even if the allegations are true and the former coach needs to face punishment, while Pastor David Nold of Calvary Baptist Church insisted that everyone falls from grace, but that God’s love extends beyond our imagination.