Jerry Seinfeld Show About Nothing to Air July 19th: 'Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee' (VIDEO)

Jerry Seinfeld's new show is set to debut on July 19th, this time with a promise to be about absolutely nothing.

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(PHOTO:REUTERS/Shannon Stapleton)Comedian Jerry Seinfeld arrives for the Sirius Radio 20 Million Subscriber celebration concert at the Apollo Theater in New York December 13, 2010.

Seinfeld originally aired in 1989 and for nine season many critics described the sitcom's central theme to be much ado about nothing. Described as postmodern, "Seinfeld" broke conventions by not altering character development which pushed many to state that it was a show about nothing.

With the last episode of Seinfeld airing almost 15 years ago however, the comedian has decided that it is time for another go.

Set to premiere on June 19th, the show will be titled "Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee." While the title may be more complex than "Seinfeld" the theme itself promises to be nearly as simply as the classic. In a sneak preview of the first episode, Seinfeld explains to his comedic friend Larry David, the difference of ordering herbal tea at a coffee shop instead of coffee.

"We go to an ice cream shop. I get a cone and you get a salad. That's the difference."

Other short scenes show Seinfeld with other comedians as they drive in cars and take coffee breaks. Something like "The Office" Seinfeld's new "Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee" appears to be any office worker's dream come true as Seinfeld has managed to focus the entire show on the fifteen minutes of freedom that occurs between office hours.

For Seinfeld however, 15 minutes unpaid is more like a half hour conversation for which he could be heavily reimbursed. The new show is intended to be a web series that will premiere on and, the first episode airing at 9 pm.