'Jersey Shore' Cast Member Left Out of Hurricane Sandy Relief Efforts?

Hurricane Sandy impacted at least 24 states last month, including New Jersey's famed Jersey Shore but one cast member from the MTV reality television show baring the same name was not invited to help with the television network's relief efforts.

"Jersey Shore" became popular at the onset of the 2009 MTV reality television series that has been appearing on screens for the past three years. However, one of the original cast members from "Jersey Shore" has not been invited to help with the MTV relief effort called "Restore the Shore" on Thursday, and is speaking out about it.

Angelina Pivarnick, 25, was an original cast member in the 2009 premiere season of "Jersey Shore" where she lasted three episodes before leaving. Although she returned for season two of the show where she appeared for 10 episodes, Pivarnick chose to leave the show once again before the end of the season.

MTV and the "Jersey Shore" cast members hosted a clean-up relief effort for the Jersey Shore resort and residential communities in New Jersey that were destroyed by Hurricane Sandy. However, Pivarnick said she is hurt that she was not invited to participate.

"This is a time where they should suck it up and stand on one side of the room and let me be there," Pivarnick said in TMZ reports. "I am very hurt by this."

For the former cast member of the popular reality television show, the inability to help with the "Restore The Shore" efforts is a "sore reminder of how I have been treated in the past."

Although Pivarnick's issues with the other cast members on the show have been well-documented on the reality television series, she told TMZ that she attempted to contact MTV to help with the efforts.

"I remain uninvited to participate ... even after attempts to contact the organizers by my management team," she revealed to the publication before Thursday's telethon that included other cast members of the show.

While MTV had yet to comment on the claims made by the former "Jersey Shore" cast member, the "Restore the Shore" special aired Thursday and showed footage of the cast members answering calls. Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi shed tears in one segment where she was shown flying over the ravaged Jersey Shore in an aircraft.

"This really sucks. The whole pier is just gone. It's really sad. The roller coaster that I always go on is in the water," Snooki said. "We have so many memories here and everything's just destroyed."

The public can continue to help the "Restore the Shore" efforts by texting "SHORE" to 85944 to make a donation of $10.