Jersey Shore House Vandalized by Fans

The New Jersey house where the cast of the "Jersey Shore" is scheduled to film their upcoming season has reportedly been the target of vandalism.

The owner of the "G.T.L." (Gym Tan Laundry) clan's rented house has reported that fans of the show have been tagging the exterior walls with various messages of support and admiration for the whole crew, but especially for newly pregnant Snooki, according to TMZ.

The realtor has said people keep writing on the outside walls with their names and comments like "We love you, Snooki." The owner has also explained that the problem has grown so bad that he is forced to repaint some of the exterior walls of the house on a fairly regular basis and in some cases weekly.

For now the cast and the show are on a filming hiatus as other cast members deal with their own personal issues.

Unfortunately for the home owner while the show is not currently filming he is actually responsible for the cleanup and upkeep of the property.

If the show was in the process of actually filming than the show's producers and more than likely MTV would be contractually obligated to restore the house to its previous, before filming, condition.

The show's producers have said that they have increased the security presence around the property to deter anyone or any fan from writing or otherwise alter the appearance of the house.

Local police have also said that they have increased patrols in the area to add as another deterrent for anyone thinking of posting a message on the house's "wall."

Several cast members continue to have their names in news cycles. Last month Snooki announced that she was pregnant with her first child. And Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino was admitted and later released from a rehabilitation facility for a prescription drug addiction.

There is now word yet as to when filming will resume.