Jessica Alba New Tattoo Real?

Jessica Alba was recently spotted sporting a new tattoo. Unlike her other less noticeable pieces of body art however, her new rose tattoo takes up the greater part of her upper arm. Upon viewing many fans said, "No, she wouldn't! Would she?"

Some people just can't seem to get enough tattoos, says Julia Gnuse for instance. She is the world's most tattooed woman, a record 95 percent of her body is covered in ink. Of course she has nothing on Lucky Diamond Rich, who has tattooed a 100 percent of his body. He is proudly the most tattooed person in the world. In comparison, Alba's new arm décor seems rather punitive.

Of course don't tell that to some of Alba's fans who simply adore the actress far too much to accept that she may have tainted her body.

"Would you spray paint the Mona Lisa? I don't think so!" Verbatim wrote on the E News! blog. "What could (you) possibly add to, or do to the Mona Lisa that would make it better? Nothing. Jessica Alba looks amazing and shouldn't need any "enhancements": not of the ink variety or of any other variety."


"For a beautiful young woman with such perfect skin, these tattoos are a real shame. Permanently scaring herself with such ugliness is a waste. When will this stupid fad end?" ThatGuy asked.

Not so fast though. It's true that Alba has a rather larger rose tattoo going down her arm. It is also true that she has a few real tattoos scattered around her body that have been there for some time. The rose tattoo however, is not real.

E! News contacted the actress' rep who confirmed that the new tattoo is only temporary and was painted on for her new movie "A.C.O.D." although rumor has it that she is becoming rather fond of her new "bad girl" look.