'Jessica Jones' Season 2 Air Date, Plot News: David Tennant Back as Bad Guy Kilgrave in New Set Photos

Facebook/MarvelsJessicaJonesDavid Tennant reprises his role as the menacing villain Kilgrave in 'Marvel's Jessica Jones' season 2.

The sophomore season of "Jessica Jones" is currently in production and new set photos from the upcoming installment tease the return of one important character in the series.

New pictures emerged the previous week that highlighted "Doctor Who" veteran David Tennant and teased his return as Kilgrave.

Kilgrave is one of the most villainous characters in Marvel as he possesses the ability to control the minds of people. Before he left the series, he took advantage of his unique power to torture Jessica Jones to the point of almost ruining her life. Fortunately, the season 1 finale saw the female superhero snapping his neck, signaling the end of Kilgrave's terror.

The new set photos from season 2 that feature Tennant as Kilgrave also bring with them the question of how the villain will make his return in the series, considering how Jessica Jones previously took him down. The photos were first posted on Twitter and showed Kilgrave yelling at Jessica Jones and Malcolm in a seemingly torturous manner.

What is interesting about the new set photos is that although Kilgrave is clearly back to torment Jessica Jones and Malcolm, it seems like the two characters are not aware of his presence. There are speculations that the scene in the images only shows Kilgrave being a figment of Jessica and Malcolm's imaginations and that he is not really there physically. Since Kilgrave possessed the two characters in the show's debut season, it is possible that despite his physical absence in season 2, part of him will still linger in their consciousness to haunt them forever.

Filming for "Jessica Jones" season 2 will reportedly continue until September. Although the series does not have a release date yet, fans can still catch their favorite female superhero on "The Defenders," which premiered on Aug. 18 on Netflix.