Jessica Simpson's $4M Weight Loss Deal (VIDEO)

Singing star Jessica Simpson is reportedly in talks with Weight Watchers to receive $4 million to shed pounds.

 Will Jessica Simpson's $4M Weight Loss Deal Encourage Other Celebs to Gain Weight?

According to Us Weekly, the singer who is currently expecting and engaged to former NFL star Eric Johnson, had originally intended to sign on with the weight loss company to get rid of pounds she had gained over the years, but in the interim became pregnant and the company decided on the challenge of Simpson losing her pregnancy weight.

Accordingly, terms of the deal would require Simpson to use the point-counting program for one year to lose her acquired weight.

Simpson would then show off her new leaner physique in promotional ads for the company.

Reportedly, the singer is proud of being pregnant and confessed to wanting to show off her bump.

Other celebs like Jennifer Hudson have also been signed by Weight Watchers to show off the company’s weight loss program. Hudson who is also an academy award winning actress credits Weight Watchers with helping her lose weight after giving birth to her son in 2009.

Hudson and Simpson are just two in a growing list of celebrities who have become weight loss spokespersons.