Jessica Simpson's Mom Tina Files for Divorce From Dad Joe

Jessica Simpson's mother Tina has filed for divorce after 34 years of marriage to the singer's father and manager, Joe.

Tina, 52, reportedly filed divorce papers in Texas during the month of September citing a "conflict of personalities" as the reason for the split, according to reports.

"It is an amicable split and there is no third party involved," a Simpson family reprsesentative told "Any other related allegations are completely false. The family appreciates your respect for their privacy at this time."

The estranged couple, who shares two daughters Ashlee, 28, and Jessica, 32, became well known for their wholesome family image portrayed on Jessica's 2003 reality TV show "Newlyweds." However, they have not been seen together publicly for several months.

The pair is likely to enter into a bitter property dispute as Joe recently filed a response to Tina's request to protect one of her separate properties, insisting that she receive nothing.

On Aug. 4, Joe, 54, was arrested for DUI in Los Angeles after allegedly driving under the influence and weeks later he was formally charged ,with claiming that the father of two is facing up to six months behind bars if he is convicted.

Joe, who once worked at Heights Baptist church in Texas, has previously faced criticisms for his management style over his two daughters Jessica and Ashlee.

After leaving his position at the church to pursue showbiz careers for his daughters and later making public statements regarding Jessica's breast size, critics began accusing Simpson of turning her into a sex symbol. Some decried his failing to uphold his Christian values, he says.

"I was accused, [because of] my background in the ministry, you know 'your daughter doesn't love God anymore', 'you've forsaken the church' and I'm like, you don't even know me or know my family," Simpson told ABC's "20/20" in a 2004 interview.

The grandfather helped both Jessica and Ashlee establish their singing careers as teenagers and he even contacted MTV about producing Jessica's reality TV show "Newlyweds," which documented her marriage to her now ex-husband Nick Lachey. Fans criticized him for allegedly exploiting his daughters, which led to accusations of him being unchristian.