Jesus Franco Dies: Horror Film Legend Suffers Stroke Aged 82 (VIDEO)

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(Photo: Wikimedia Commons)Jesus Franco in this file photo.

Jesus Franco has died April 2 after reportedly suffering a stroke at the age of 82.

Jesus "Jess" Franco is best know for creating a new type of genre within the Spanish horror film industry. He is praised by modern day filmmakers for having a huge influence on the industry even to this day.

Franco's famous works include cult horror classics such as "The Awful Dr. Orloff," "Vampyros Lesbos," and "The Mansion of the Living Dead."

Throughout his career Franco became know for someone who was not afraid of crossing lines others would not dare to cross. His films featured outlandish bloody scenes that were known for their gore.

The filmmaker became known for pushing the limits of what was acceptable and much of his work drew criticism, with some claiming his work was exploitive towards women. However, horror movie buffs continue to recognize him for being a game-changer and bringing a new take to the industry.

Franco had a long illustrious career, which began in 1959. He went on to made nearly 160 films and was even working on a new movie at the time of his death.

The filmmaker's close friend Kiki Mesa, who directed a 2007 documentary about the famed director's career and life, was the one to break the news to the world about Franco's death. He made the announcement via his social media account on Facebook.

Here is a video of a documentary on Jesus Franco: