Jesus, Mother Teresa, and Gandhi Featured in 'Dinner Party' Videos for UNICEF Children's Relief

(Video: unicefsverige Youtube channel)
Jesus, Mother Teresa and Gandhi in "Dinner Party" conversation in UNICEF ads released December, 2013.

Recently released videos by UN Children's Fund UNICEF feature Jesus Christ, Mother Teresa and Gandhi in humorous "dinner party" conversations meant to encourage people to click banner ads and contribute toward life-saving medical supplies for children.

The videos, titled "The Good Guys Christmas," center around the premise of three of history's most recognizable figures, recalling the good deeds they have done for the world. They are joined by an average Joe who reveals that he was invited to this special party all because he clicked on Internet banners leading to UNICEF's Swedish page allowing online users to purchase vital medicines and other supplies for needy children around the world.

"So basically, you starved yourself for the sake of the people. That was so nice of you," Mother Teresa compliments Gandhi in one of the videos, sitting around a dinner table.

"You're not too bad yourself, Teresa – you spent half your life fighting for the poor," Jesus in turn compliments Teresa.

"But you sacrificed yourself for mankind," she returns to Jesus.

The three then turn to find a young man in a t-shirt sitting next to them – and when asked how he got there, the man reveals that he just "clicked a banner." The ad ends with the message "doing good has never been easier."

Another video, seemingly a continuation of the skit, shows the young man explaining to Jesus how the Internet works, and directing him to the UNICEF website and the banners he has to click – with Gandhi and Mother Teresa looking on.

Last month, UNICEF issued a plea for emergency donations for close to 4 million children that were affected by the catastrophic typhoon Haiyan, which killed over 6,000 people in the Philippines and caused widespread damage.

"We are rushing to get critical supplies to children who are bearing the brunt of this crisis," said UNICEF Philippines Representative Tomoo Hozumi.

"Reaching the worst affected areas is very difficult, with limited access due to the damage caused by the typhoon to infrastructure and communications. But we are working around the clock to find ways to get these supplies to children as quickly as conditions allow."

The catastrophe brought together several world and religious leaders, including Pope Francis and U.S. President Barack Obama, who pledged donations and help to the devastated region, with children most needing therapeutic food, health kits, water, hygiene kits, as well as safe and protected spaces to play and continue their education while recovery efforts focused on rebuilding their homes and livelihoods.