Jesus on Drop Cloth? Man Claims Image of Jesus Christ Found (VIDEO, PHOTO)

Jesus on Drop Cloth
A man has claimed that this is the image of Jesus in his drop cloth. |

A man has claimed to have seen Jesus on a drop cloth. Brian Krantz from Saugus, Mass., has made the claim, saying that he "can't deny" that the image in his drop cloth is that of Jesus Christ.

Krantz has told NBC 2 about his claim, describing his disbelief the moment he first saw it. The man told the network: "My heart went a million miles an hour. I couldn't breathe, I felt like I was hyperventilating."

Krantz has explained that he has owned the same drop cloth for four years, and that it had been splattered with paint from when he sprayed the shutters in his previous residence.

He reported that head used the drop cloth at least 50 times before since he did the spray paint work, but never noticed the image of Jesus in the cloth until now.

From afar, Krantz claimed, the markings on the cloth look just like regular paint stains, however, when more closely inspected there is like "a crown of a halo."

Describing the image in the cloth he went on: "Two eyes. Mustache, nose, there's the chin, jaw line. His right arm out like that with cloths he was buried in hanging down."

Krantz held up the cloth, saying: "I had it folded up like this and I threw it on the floor and this is what I saw first."

He has said he is adamant that the image is that of Jesus Christ: "I can't deny this. This is what it is. It looks like Jesus Christ."

Krantz and his girlfriend have said that they now plan to frame the drop cloth to keep it in tact: "I'm not sure why, but everybody needs some hope in life. And I hope that this is something that will give him hope," Julie Anne Aloise, Krantz's girlfriend, told WHDH.

Here is a video new report into the alleged image of Jesus Christ in the drop cloth:

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