'Jesus' With Cross Strapped to Back Runs Yet Another Marathon

A barefoot man dressed as Jesus with a cross strapped across his back ran his latest marathon on Sunday in Japan.

(Photo: Twitter/actual_teeth)A man seemingly dressed as Jesus, with a large cross strapped to his back, ran in the Tokyo Marathon on February, 23. 2014.

The man posted his bib number, B70538, to the front of his cross, and completed the course barefoot.

His identity is unknown; while Rocket News published close-up photos him, his eyes were blacked out in all the images.

It is unclear if he is the same individual who ran in New York City Marathon in November. There, the race website identified him as Makoto Takeuchi from Chiba, Japan. Takeuchi is allegedly a New York City-based photographer, according to HyperVocal News.

"Jesus" has also been spotted at the Los Angeles and Tokyo Marathons, with footage of the latter shown below.

Dickson Chumba, 27, of Kenya, won the men's race at the Tokyo Marathon on Sunday in a course-best two hours, five minutes and 42 seconds. Ethiopia's Tirfi Tsegaye won the women's race in a meet record of 2:22:23.

Athletes from Kenya and Ethiopia dominated the race, taking the first seven spots in the men's race and the top five in the women's.