JFK's Dark Affair With White House Intern Revealed

A former White House intern, who says she was John F. Kennedy's mistress, speaks out for the first time about her scandalous 18-month affair with the President, claiming he took her virginity.

In her newly published tell-all book, Once Upon a Secret: My Affair with President John F. Kennedy and Its Aftermath, Mimi Alford, who was only 19 at the time, says she had little power in resisting the late President's advances when he pulled her into "Mrs. Kennedy's" bed.

The pair met in the summer of 1962, four days into her White House internship. The following day the Commander-in-Chief served her daiquiris, and invited her on a personal tour of the property. The late President, she says, seduced her in his wife's bed, with his staff just up the corridor.

The book available Wednesday, is the most revealing account of their affair ever published. She also details how at Bing Crosby's ranch party, he convinced her to inhale a sex drug, and later asked her to perform a sex act on his friend while he watched. She also claims that even though abortion was illegal, the President called on the same friend to arrange an abortion for her when she wrongly thought she was pregnant.

Mrs. Alford, now a 69-year-old grandmother, reveals that she addressed him as "Mr. President" even when they were in bed, that he refused to kiss her and ignored her whenever his wife was present.

When they first had sex, she says JFK "slowly unbuttoned the top of my shirtdress and touched my breasts." She admits she was shocked afterwards that she was no longer a virgin, but says JFK was unconcerned.

Their affair lasted until Kennedy was assassinated the following November. She grieved his loss "in private, locked her secret away and tried to start her life anew, only to find that her past would cast a long shadow - and ultimately destroy her relationship with the man she married," Random House said.