Jillian Michaels Returns to 'Biggest Loser' to Help Obese Teens

Jillian Michaels has announced that she will be returning to the show that made her a household name, the "Biggest Loser." In a twist, Michaels will be working specifically with obese teens in an effort to bring awareness to the dangers of childhood obesity.

She last starred on the show in 2011, but left in order to spend time starting a family. In just one year, Michaels welcomed two new children with partner Heidi Rhoades. Michaels formally adopted 2-year-old Lu, and Rhoades gave birth to son Phoenix.

The new season of "Biggest Loser" will feature six obese teens who will compete alongside their adult counterparts, according to Michaels. They will be challenged and put through extreme workouts by Michaels, though they cannot be eliminated from the show or weighed on TV.

"The show has chosen to go after something very controversial- they're going to go after childhood obesity," Michaels said on NBC's Today show. "And there are going to be three teenagers on each team, and they're not going to be on the ranch, and they're not going to be competing, but it's obviously something that needs to be handled with kid gloves, but it's something that needs to be handled."

"As a mom of two, and as someone who used to be an overweight kid, it's something I'm really passionate about," Michaels explained.

She has made no secret about her upbringing, which included being overweight and dealing with feelings of ostracism. Michaels, however, discovered martial arts and threw herself into the sport, thereby gaining self-esteem and moving towards a healthier weight.

Since then, Michaels has made it a point to share her wisdom and passion for healthy living with others. In addition to appearing on "Biggest Loser," she has written several books and released a plethora of fitness DVDs.

The new season of "Biggest Loser" will premiere in January on NBC.