Jilted Husband Sues Bride, Claims She Stole $72,000 Worth of Gifts

A Brooklyn man has filed a lawsuit against his pregnant bride claiming that she took $72,000 worth of gifts the couple received during the wedding and then left him without saying another word.

Kevin Li has accused Amy Chan, 33, of stealing the couple's wedding gifts before dumping him and terminating communication. Gifts included a $24,000 2-carat diamond ring, in addition to two diamond necklaces, three gold necklaces, a gold ring and a gold bracelet "that generous relatives" offered the couple, according to The New York Post.

The couple was engaged but after Chan became pregnant, according to court papers obtained by The Post. They deferred a legal wedding and instead settled for an informal celebration in fear that Chan would be disqualified for a lottery apartment she had applied for through the city.

Their union was celebrated by over a 100 friends, the report states, all of whom came bearing gifts. Within a week, Li claims Chan had left him and taken the money and gifts wither her. But Chan tells a different story.

"He's lying," she told The Post. "He is a devil."

Chan claims her fiancé is the one who stole from her relatives and that he was abusive to the couple's new twin boys.

"What I got myself into was a disaster relationship," she said. "He took everything [from] my relatives. They gave me tons of money, that [he] took. If he won't give that back, I'm not giving him back anything. He's not a human being."

The story is similar to an incident that occurred last year.

A Brazilian woman filed a lawsuit last year against her former fiancé, whom she claims fled the altar three days before the wedding, leaving her to cover all of the expenses. The bride's family is also irate and has filed a lawsuit stating that they spent their life savings to purchase the newlyweds' home.

Ilze de Souza, 29, had plans to marry her fiancé of eight years on Sept. 24, according to the Daily Mail. But just days before the ceremony, she received a call from the company responsible for catering the reception, informing her that they had received a cancellation notice.

"They rang and told me he had cancelled everything," Souza told Brazil's Globo G1 website. "I thought it was a cruel joke."

In time, Souza would discover the truth. Her husband-to-be had vanished without a word.

"There was no explanation for what happened. The last thing I heard he had taken the rings to be polished so everything could be perfect on the day," Souza said, revealing that her fiancé began avoiding all of her calls. "Then three days before the wedding he cancelled without speaking to me, or speaking to my family."

Aside from being humiliated, Souza claims her fiancé then left her to handle most all of the other wedding cancelations. Pretty soon, the expenses started adding up.

"It was so embarrassing, I had to tell all the guests not to come and assume all the costs of the cancellations," she told Globo. Cancellation fees included those issued by caterers and the event hall in addition to travel costs for all of her relatives and the pre-purchased honeymoon.