Jim Huber, Former CNN Journalist and Sports Broadcaster, Dies Unexpected Death (VIDEO)

Former CNN journalist and sportscaster Jim Huber unexpectedly passed away Monday, at the age of 67.

Jim HuberTwitter/Jim HuberJim Huber, self titled "Mug-Shot"
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Huber began his career in journalism in 1984 as a sports news writer for the Miami News, where he covered the NFL. Eventually, Huber moved toward media-broadcast, becoming the voice behind golf on Turner Broadcast, where he spent 27 years.

Huber’s latest accomplishment entails his recently published book, Four Days in July, in which he followed Tom Watson’s run at the 2009 British Open and loss to Stewart Cink.

The book begins with Huber explaining how his mom always said that he was born a writer: "My mother to this day claims, with a wry smile, that was my purpose in life from birth.”

He talks about his desire has always been to tell stories: “I wanted to sit in front of a roaring fire, gather my friends at my feet, and tell them stories that would make them both smile and cry. I wanted to place them on the wings of their imagination and visit people and places that would quicken their hearts and souls."

On December 28, Huber wrote on Twitter, “Having trouble breathing, wake up with wicked spasms, lotta stuff going on.” A day before he posted that he was going to see a pulmonary doctor and “put a stop to this (cough).”

His death appears to have come unexpected, the official cause has not been released. Huber won several awards over his career including six from The Associated Press as "Sportscaster of the Year." He also won an Emmy for his essay, Olympic Park Bombing. 

David Levy, a Turner president of sales, distribution and sports, said, "The Turner Broadcasting family suffered a great loss and we are saddened by the passing of our colleague and friend."

 The Christian Post Daily Report 01.03.12