Jim Kowalski Plane Crash Theory Debunked; Mystery Still Surrounds Death of Kowalski Founder (VIDEO, PHOTO)

A Jim Kowalski plane crash report that emerged from Canada on Thursday has been debunked by more recent reports. Although it has been confirmed that the Kowalski founder had died, there is still a certain amount of mystery surrounding the circumstances of his death.

(Photo: ABC News Screen Shot)A Jim Kowalski plane crash theory has been debunked as mystery still surrounds the death of the Kowalski founder.

Reports that Jim Kowalski's plane had crashed started emerging on Thursday, but many of the details surrounding the crash remained hazy for many hours.

However, quickly news reports started to emerge that the Kowalski founder, who had built up a popular chain of upscale food markets from a single store, had been killed in some sort of plane incident.

A family spokesperson has come forward to explain that the crash was not exactly a crash. The cryptic message has sparked rumors about what exactly had happened in the incident, but the spokesperson did not confirm any further details, simply saying that the way the businessman died was still under investigation.

Family spokeswoman Deb Kowalski said: "It was not a crash… and we don't exactly know how it happened."

TwinCities.com has reported that Deb Kowalski has said the plane crash explanation did not fit the circumstances.

Kowalski explained that Jim, 67, was with a pilot friend on a Canadian fishing trip, and that the other man "heard a noise, and [Jim] was gone."

Competitor Tres Lund, CEO of Lunds and Byerly's, also added: "We are in a state of shock and sadness. Jim was a great businessman and merchant, and he is going to be deeply missed by everyone who was fortunate to know him."

Some reports have since emerged saying that Kowalski died of a head injury, and that he was outside the float plane as it taxied.

A local news source has also confirmed late on Thursday night that Ontario Provincial Police had indicated Kowalski was outside the Cessna float plane as it was taxiing to shore on an isolated lake, about 20 miles south of the town of Red Lake and nearly 300 miles northwest of Thunder Bay.

The cause of death has still not been officially confirmed, and the investigations are still ongoing.