Jimmy Fallon Creates 'Tebowie' on Late Night Show

Jimmy Fallon has combined David Bowie and Tim Tebow to create an alterego, know as “Tebowie,” in the latest attempt to capitalize on the Tebow phenomenon.

Fallon uses the melody of David Bowie's "Space Oddity," remaking the lyrics to fit a football and playoff theme. He wears dark face paint with a lightning bulb painted across his face, and a Tim Tebow Broncos uniform.

Fallon introduced “Tebowie” on a Thursday night episode of "Late Night."

His costume also features sparkling silver shoes and silver shoulder pads, while he sports a mullet. “Tebowie,” sat on a stool playing an acoustic guitar under bright lights in front of an audience.

The song begins, "Tim Tebow to Jesus Christ," over the lyrics to Bowie's classic, which sang, "Ground control to Major Tom." “Tebowie” then admitted he can't win by himself, but with the Lord's help, he might. “Tebowie” goes on to make football references like, "snap the football and may God's love be with me," and "commencing fourth down, hut, hut hike."

During the performance, “Tebowie” refers to himself as Jesus Christ, singing the lyrics, "This is Jesus Christ to Time Tebow, please leave me alone," to the crowd's applause. His rendition of Jesus Christ says that Sunday is his day of rest and he's tired of watching Broncos games.

He also warns Tebow that he is on his own against the New England Patriots, because Brady is too good and he has better things to do.

“Tebowie” stands up on the stool, for his finale, and tells the audience that everyone should Tebow so he can make it to the SuperBowl, which the crowd really enjoyed. He ended the song by striking the famous pose as the lights dimmed.

Fallon's impersonation is the second song released this week as part of the Tim Tebow phenomena. British rocker, John Parr, also remade a classic 80s song, "St. Elmo's Fire" into "Tim Tebow's Fire."