Jimmy Fallon Returns to Host ‘Saturday Night Live’ (VIDEO)

Jimmy Fallon made a triumphant return to Saturday Night Live for the first time since he left the popular show, and his hosting skills went over very well with viewers.

The Christmas episode of SNL was well received by critics and viewers alike because of its sketch comedy segments and the old cast members who came to bring the Saturday evening entertainment to life.

Fallon opened the show with the classic sketch of Sully and Denise, played by he and Rachel Dratch. The Boston pair were a riot by themselves, but when Amy Poehler- another previous member of the SNL cast- showed up, things only got funnier.

Ending the sketch was Fallon yelling, “Live from New York, it’s Saturday night!” and the show was awash with nostalgia, as old and new fans cheered at his enthusiasm.

Another classic cast member, Kirsten Wiig, played Kathie Lee Gifford in a “The Today Show” sketch to critical reception. Portraying Gifford as a raging alcoholic (she injects wine straight into her veins), she constantly pokes fun at her co-host, who played Hota Kotb.

Eventually, Fallon interrupts the sketch as Regis Philbin, and unseats a stunned Kotb to raucous laughter.

Other audience favorites included Fallon and Samberg face to face in a mirror sketch, a clash of the Weekend Update news teams- one of which included Tina Fey, and a parody of the play “The War Horse.”

A very timely skit was one where Tim Tebow was portrayed in a locker room, and Jesus comes down to visit, telling the team jokes, and claiming Mormonism was true.

The musical guest was singer Michael Buble, who had his own skit featuring nutty parodies of celebrities, like Justin Bieber, Russell Brand, Kanye West, M.I.A., and others.

To see Fallon play several characters in Buble's skit, watch below: