Jimmy Hoffa Remains Found? Federal Investigators Continue Searching Field in Detroit

Federal agents will continue searching a field in suburban Detroit on Tuesday for former Teamsters boss Jimmy Hoffa's remains, with investigators keeping mum on any possible clues they may have recovered yesterday.

A backhoe was driven onto the property, not far from where Hoffa was last seen alive, on Monday and video recorded from a helicopter by Detroit television station WDIV showed FBI agents digging for the union leader's remains who disappeared nearly 38 years ago.

An Oakland County sheriff's deputy said digging would resume at 10 a.m. on Tuesday in Oakland Township about 20 miles north of the Machus Red Fox restaurant in Bloomfield Township, where Hoffa was last seen.

The interest in this particular location was based in part on information provided by Tony Zerilli, a man alleged to have been a mobster with inside information. Zerilli, 85, is a former gangster who says he has information about where the remains of Hoffa are.

Earlier this year, Zerilli claimed that Hoffa was buried in a Michigan field about 20 miles north of where he was last seen in 1975.

"I'm dead broke. I got no money. My quality of life is zero," Zerilli previously told NBC 4 New York. "What happened to Hoffa had nothing to do with me in any way, shape or form. They accused me while I was away. If that's not an alibi I don't know what the hell an alibi is."

Zerilli was serving time in a Las Vegas prison when he learned of Hoffa's death in 1975. Hoffa famously told friends he was going to meet two men at a restaurant in Detroit but was never heard from again. The two men he was supposed to meet were both members of the mafia and allegedly held a lot of power in New Jersey and Detroit.

"Organized crime was involved in the disappearance of Jimmy Hoffa," former U.S. Attorney Keith Corbett told NBC. "Clearly when [Zerilli] returned, he would've been a person, based on his position in the hierarchy, who would have been able to learn the facts and circumstances surrounding the disappearance of James Earl Hoffa."