Jimmy Kimmel Christmas Present Prank Has Kids Unwrap 'Terrible' Gifts (VIDEO)

‘Tis the season for holiday presents and pranks.

Last week late night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel asked parents to submit videos of their children opening an early Christmas present. However, to ensure that the children would give a disappointed reaction, Kimmel asked parents to give their children a “terrible” gift.

Parents got creative with the prank, wrapping up overripe bananas, half-eaten sandwiches, hot dogs, batteries, and even a can of black beans.

In the submitted video footage, the children eagerly ripped open their presents only to find that they had been duped. The children were unimpressed with the gifts and offered unexpectedly hilarious reactions.

One child named Charlie squealed, “I don’t like this,” after he unwrapped a half used bottle of juice. Another little boy cried after opening a pink activity book and said, “This is the worst present I ever got.”

One child asked for a refund while he threw a temper tantrum, running around his house screaming.

However, not all of the children responded poorly.

One young girl, who clearly understands the value of produce, seemed unfazed by the fact that she unwrapped a blackened banana and proceeded to eat her gift.

Another little girl, who opened a half eaten peanut butter and jelly sandwich told her mother that she appreciated getting a present and that she “loves” her mom’s cooking, but only when she makes dinners.

The Christmas present prank came a little over a month after the famous comedian made headlines asking parents to videotape themselves telling their children they ate all of their Halloween candy.

After the Halloween prank, Kimmel said he did not expect so much crying. However, the late night talk show host clearly found the children's reactions funny, as he asked parents to pull a similar prank on their children for the Christmas holiday.

To watch a video of children opening their “terrible” present please view below.