Jimmy Kimmel, Tracy Morgan Emmy's Skit Floods Twitter

The 64th Primetime Emmys had an incredible influence over social media on Sunday following Jimmy Kimmel and Tracy Morgan's stunt.

Kimmel, who served as host of the awards show, asked Emmys viewers to "play a prank on the people who are not watching the Emmys right now." It was then that Morgan volunteered to come on stage for the prank in an attempt to gain a broader audience.

After being greeted by Kimmel on stage, Morgan laid down comfortably pretending to pass out on stage. Kimmel asked that viewers post about "30 Rock" actor fainting, and over 25,000 people shared the message instantaneously on the social media site.

"Post 'Oh my God, Tracy Morgan just passed out on stage at the Emmys, turn ABC on now,'" Kimmel requested.

"Omg Tracy morgan just passed out on the Emmys," Stephen Colbert posted.

Moreover, celebrities and TV fans instructed their followers to tune into the Emmy award show on ABC right away.

Twitter users who were not watching the Emmys were tricked by the messages.

"WAIT, Tracey Morgan didn't really pass out," asked Emma.

Others were angered by Kimmel's ploy to use social media sites for attention, and Michael posted, "ABC should be paying you all for those Tracy Morgan tweets #Emmy2012 #SellOutLOL"

"This is Tracy Morgan's greatest role yet," Ben sarcastically tweeted.

Corrigan wrote, "I'm actually surprised how many people just tweeted that Tracy Morgan thing. #emmys"

"Tracy Morgan is laid out on the #Emmys2012 stage," CNN Entertainment posted. "We aren't even going to comment."

The Emmys stunt revealed the popularity of both Facebook and Twitter with messages instantly flooding the Internet seconds after Kimmel's request. The social buzz can attract impressive ratings for television today as an online presence boosts interest, and the Emmys will surely not be the last television event to sweep Twitter.