Jinger Duggar Pregnancy Update: 'Counting On' Star Now 20 Weeks Along; Fans Speculate About Baby's Gender

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Jinger Duggar is more than 20 weeks along in her pregnancy.

The "Counting On" star took to Instagram last week to reveal how far ahead she was in her pregnancy with her first child with husband Jeremy Vuolo. Posing next to a chalkboard and dressed in all black, Jinger's baby bump was significantly more apparent.

"20 weeks," the chalkboard read. "Baby is the size of an artichoke."

Two weeks before that, Jinger also shared a photo of herself on the social media platform, revealing that her then 18-week baby was the size of a bell pepper.

The reality star and member of the large Duggar family is now halfway through her pregnancy, and fans are naturally starting to speculate about the gender of their baby. Some believe that Jinger is having a boy, with the mother-to-be herself also thinking the same thing, reports Romper.

Since Jinger can now check her baby's gender, there are fans who think that she may already know. Fans also believe that Jinger may be subtly giving out hints that her baby is a boy based on the color of chalk she used on her pregnancy updates. Apart from that, historical data indicates that Jinger could have a boy since a handful of her sisters' firstborns are male.

Fans have long been theorizing about the gender of Jinger's first child. They date back to when the "19 Kids and Counting" star revealed on Instagram that she was 15 weeks along. In the photo she shared, fans noticed that the part where "baby" was written seemed to have had something else on it before getting erased. Some theorized that Jinger and Jeremy may have written the gender of their child prior to deciding against it and replacing it with a more generic term instead.

However, others have hypothesized that the couple may have already had a name in mind for their first child, writing it on the chalkboard before erasing it. And, while these theories are certainly fun and exciting to think about, fans will have to wait a while before anything is confirmed.

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