Joan Rivers 'Praying' for Kim Kardashian's Relationship With Kanye West

Kim Kardashian, 31-year-old reality television star, was a topic of conversation for comedian and E! "Fashion Police" host Joan Rivers when the comedian admitted that she was praying for the girlfriend of rapper Kanye West.

"I am praying (because) I like Kim, that this relationship lasts for her sake, because she's running out of black men," Rivers joked during her "Gotta Have It, Make It Stop" segment recently. "You do know she thinks Kanye is the one, don't you? Which is why she waited on the second night to (expletive) him."

While 79-year-old Rivers spared a few of her jokes on Kardashian, this was not her first time that she cracked a few jokes about the reality television star. While visiting talk show host Wendy Williams last February, Rivers spoke about Kardashian attending church after her public divorce on the heels of her 72-day marriage.

Although Rivers joked about the Kardashians continually wearing makeup on their reality television series, she admitted that she thought that the Kardashians were smart.

"I think the Kardashians are the smartest people in the world. Everyone hated her because of the wedding, all the money she made," Rivers told Williams of the reality television star and her family "Now they're making her out to be wonderful. She probably has found God I don't know."

Back in 2011, Rivers also took to her Twitter to joke at Kardashian's expense during the Super Bowl.

"I love Superbowl Sunday. Or, as @KimKardashian calls it, 'the biggest shopping day of the year,'" Rivers tweeted.

Despite the jokes at her expense, Kardashian has been focused on spending time with her fans and friends recently while tweeting positive messages.

"Keep your life in a positive perspective, we are not defined by our past," Kardashian tweeted recently. "You wouldn't be who you are today, you wouldn't have the depth, maturity and the insight were it not for those challenges that forced you to grow."