Jodi Arias a 'Sex-Crazed Nymphomaniac,' Victim's Friend Says

Jodi Arias has described herself as a victim of multiple abusive relationships, including her last with Travis Alexander. Now, though, his friends are speaking out to defend Alexander, who was murdered four years ago, and "tell the truth" about Arias.

"I don't take anything she says as 100 percent truth," Taylor Searle, Alexander's former roommate and friend, told Radar Online. "Her credibility is zero with me, and that's her reputation with me. I look at it through the lens that everything she said up until now has been a fabrication."

Arias is currently on trial for murdering Alexander. Prosecutors allege that Arias shot Alexander in the face before stabbing him 27 times and slitting his throat from ear to ear. Last week Arias took the stand in her own defense and described childhood abuse and other abusive relationships she had been in.

While Arias initially told police that she was not present at the time of his murder, Arias then changed her story and said that two men broke in and killed Alexander. She finally admitted to killing Alexander, but said it was done in self-defense.

Much of the case has been about the intimate relationship between Arias and Alexander, who were both Mormons. Premarital sex is not approved of, and last week Arias painted Alexander as a man who used her for sex and kept her a secret from friends and family. It's an argument that Searle didn't buy.

"I imagine that she is taking liberty with her memory so that it creates the narrative that he was a sex-crazed, overbearing, controlling individual and she was a little flower that he was taking advantage of," Searle said. "He always told me she was a nymphomaniac and super sex-crazed, so I am assuming whatever happened wasn't all him – but that is assuming what she says actually happened!"

"I am really sorry if her parents were physically abusive to her, and I'm really sorry if she had boyfriends who cheated on her, and I am really sorry if she felt that Travis cheated on her – but nothing is an excuse for what she actually did," Searle concluded.

The trial continues today, with the defense continuing to present its case.