Jodi Arias' Artwork for Sale to Pay Lawyers, Defendant Denied Mistrial by Judge

Jodi Arias' artwork is being auctioned off on eBay in order to help pay her lawyers' bills. Arias is on trial for allegedly murdering her ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander and could face the death penalty if convicted.

Radar Online discovered the art collection currently up for sale online, which is described as the "Zodiac Series" by Jodi Arias. The various images include two of women's faces; one of "two ethnicities holding hands" and the other, entitled "New" is of "hands and baby feet."

All are hand-drawn by Arias and are listed for $150 or best offer. The money is going to be used to help pay for her defense attorneys, Radar reported. Her family is counting on the high-profile nature of the trial to promote the artwork and increase prices.

Other famous defendants and convicted murderers have sold their own collections in order to keep their name in the public eye and raise money. Charles Manson and John Wayne Gacy are both popular with certain sects of followers who want any memento from the killers.

Arias, however, has not been convicted of brutally killing Alexander. He was found dead four years ago, having been shot, stabbed 27 times, and having his throat slit. Arias was arrested and has been held in prison for the past four years and has given three different explanations for Alexander's death, casting doubt on her innocence.

Most recently, Arias was denied a mistrial after it came to light that a mistake was made by one of the detectives in the case four years ago. He gave the wrong order of events that led to Alexander's death.

"I had spoken to Dr. Horn the day before in a short conversation and discussed mainly what kind of pain the victim would have been through and if he suffered, and very briefly the sequencing. The sequencing wasn't very important at that time," Detective Esteban Flores told the court.

"It was not inaccurate, it was mistaken … I am not a doctor. If I gave that testimony, it was a misunderstanding of what Dr. Horn told me," Flores explained.

Arias could now avoid the death penalty if found guilty, due to the detective's mistake, which brings doubt on the detective's credibility, as well as the rest of the prosecution's case.