Jodi Arias Movie Coming to Lifetime: Who Will Play Her on Film?

The Jodi Arias trial isn't even over yet, but Lifetime TV is reportedly already planning the made-for-TV special based on her life and trial. It's not the first time the channel has produced "ripped from the headlines" movies based on controversial cases.

Lifetime has already hired executive producers Joshua D. Maurer, Aixandre Witlin and Judith Verno, according to TV Guide. Verno previously worked on "Drew Peterson: Untouchable"; "The Craigslist Killer"; and "Who Is Clark Rockefeller?" which were all taken from true stories.

The channel is famous for its movies and counts on high viewership for its ratings. For example, "Prosecuting Casey Anthony" brought in 3.3 million viewers and was "the most-watched program in all of cable that night," TV Guide reported. That movie was, of course, based on the national interest case of Casey Anthony, who was acquitted of killing her young daughter.

Arias' trial has received national attention and has had captive audiences tuning in every day to watch the young woman accused of shooting her boyfriend, stabbing him 27 times and slashing his throat form ear to ear. The trial has provided a sense of surrealism at times.

Arias initially told police she was not home at the killing, then changed her story and accused two people of breaking in and holding them hostage before finally admitting that she shot boyfriend Travis Alexander in the head. She has not, however, admitted to anything else but claims that she had to shoot him in self-defense.

She has been on the stand for 18 days, which is a record for anyone on trial. The prosecution has attested that Arias deliberately planned the murder, while the defense maintained that Arias suffered from battered-woman syndrome, Post Traumatic Syndrome Disorder, and had to defend herself from Alexander.

The Huffington Post has suggested that the following actresses would be perfect for the lead role of Jodi Arias: Angelina Jolie, Kim Kardashian, Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Taylor Swift, Kristen Stewart, Lindsey Lohan, and Jennifer Garner. Right now none are in the lead of the Huffington Post poll, but Lindsey Lohan is in second place, while Angelina Jolie is in third.

There's no word yet on who might play Arias or when the film will begin filming. The trial is expected to wrap up any day, and then Arias' fate will be in the hands of a jury. She faces the death penalty if found guilty.