Jodi Arias 'Pretty Confident' of Mistrial, Life After Prison

Jodi Arias has been on the stand for over two weeks and is now taking questions from the jury as her trial enters a new phase. A friend has said that Arias is "confident" she will receive a mistrial and receive her freedom at the conclusion of the trial.

"She is feeling pretty confident that there is going to be a mistrial and that it is going to look bad for the prosecution," Bryan Carr told Radar Online. Carr is a personal friend of Arias' and has been in constant contact with her throughout her imprisonment and trial.

Arias is on trial for her life after admitting that she shot boyfriend Travis Alexander; the prosecution has alleged that Arias deliberately shot Alexander before stabbing him 27 times and slitting his throat from ear-to-ear. Arias has already admitted that she shot him but claims to not remember doing anything else.

"Even if there's no mistrial, in the state of Arizona, the average sentence for manslaughter for a female is six years," Carr explained. "She has already served over four years in jail, so she thinks she could even get 'time served' and then five years parole."

Of course, if that happens, Arias' life will drastically change, even if she is not aware of it. Arias' trial has brought her newfound fame like that of Casey Anthony, and she may have to go into hiding. Carr doesn't seem to think that that will be a problem, though.

"I think she will be safe; I don't think her life will be in danger or that anyone will try and harm her. She will have more trouble in terms of getting a job," Carr said.

One thing is for certain: Arias will not be alone. In addition to her family and friends, Arias has the support of hundreds of people who believe she is truly innocent and should be released immediately. Carr insists that he will stand by his friend no matter what happens.

"I would love to be her friend if she got out, so I think there is a good chance of us hanging out. I am not in love with her. I just look at her as a friend and me being a friend supporting her," Carr said.

Arias' trial continues today, with her taking the stand and answering questions from the jury.