Jodi Arias Provides Intimate Details Describing Day of Alexander's Murder

Jodi Arias has provided new, intimate details about the day Travis Alexander was killed. She is currently on trial for his murder and has taken the stand in her defense for a record-setting seven days.

"He was in the laundry room, was watching music videos or something on YouTube," she told the court. "I remember more what he did rather than what he said. He had a big smile on his face and he kissed me on the lips. The kiss was very warm and kind of sensual."

The two then proceeded to go to sleep since it was early in the morning but had relations when they woke up. That's when things got weird, according to Arias. Alexander wanted to tie her up, which she went along with, but then he took advantage of the situation and of her.

After performing a sexual act upon Arias, Alexander cut her free from the bed and the two began taking graphic photos of one another. The photos were still on the camera found at the crime scene and again shown to the court.

"What a stupid idiot I was … it felt awkward," Arias explained.

Arias and Alexander then looked at photos they had taken together on CDs, which were later discovered to be scratched. Things then took another turn and got dangerous for Arias.

"His tone had changed: his demeanor, movements and body language. He took the CD out, threw it off the wall," Arias testified. They then had relations because she "didn't want to piss him off further."

"I was relieved … it was better than him getting mad. When he had sex it was his way of de-stressing and he had calmed down after that. I felt like we avoided catastrophe," Arias explained.

Yet the day still ended in disaster when Alexander was shot in the head before being stabbed 27 times and having his throat slit from ear to ear. The defense has portrayed Alexander as a sex-crazed man desperate to keep his religion and sex life separate.

The prosecution, meanwhile, has portrayed Arias as a psychopath who purposely killed her lover before moving on to someone else. Arias currently faces the death penalty if she is found guilty of Alexander's murder. She is expected to take the stand again today.