Jodi Arias Trial Live Stream Free: Watch Online Coverage as Arias Gives Testimony to Jury in Penalty Phase (VIDEO - WATCH HERE)

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(Photo: Reuters/Charlie Leight)Jodi Arias talks about the text messages with Travis Alexander from March through May 2008, as she testifies during her murder trial in Maricopa County Superior Court in Phoenix, Arizona February 19, 2013. Arias is accused of murdering Alexander, in the shower of his Mesa home in 2008.

The Jodi Arias trial will recommence on Monday with Arias herself set to take to the stand, with many wondering whether she will show remorse and plead with the jury for her life, or whether she will continue to portray herself as the victim in her relationship with murdered ex-boyfriend Travis Alexander.

The trial is set to resume at 1 p.m. ET and can be watched on the video player provided below for free.

Last week on Wednesday jurors found Arias eligible for the death penalty having previously found her guilty of first degree murder.

The jury determined Arias murdered Alexander in an "especially cruel and heinous" manner, making her eligible for the death penalty.

The penalty phase will now take place and the jury will ultimately decide whether Arias deserves the ultimate punishment for killing her ex-boyfriend. It has already been made clear in court that the jury's decision will not be a recommendation, but that if they decide she should get death then the judge will impose that sentence. However, if they decide that she instead deserves life in prison, then the judge will again follow their ruling.

On Monday, defense attorneys are likely to call members of Arias' family in an attempt to gain sympathy from jurors and convince them to give life in prison instead of death. It is believed Arias' mother, who has sat through the entire trial, will be asked to speak and will plead for her daughter's life.

However, most people who have followed the case will be waiting for Arias herself to take to the stand and give her own testimony to the jury. Some have expressed doubts about whether she will flatly apologize for the killing and others are skeptical whether she will plead for her life.

In the aftermath of the guilty verdict being read out, Arias gave an interview to the media where she said that she would prefer the death penalty rather than life imprison, calling death the "ultimate freedom."

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Photo: Jodi AriasJodi Arias and Travis Alexander

The jury was in tears on Thursday as they listened to the siblings of Travis Alexander talk about the impact that his murder has had on their lives.

Arias, 32, was convicted nearly two weeks ago of the first degree murder of her ex-boyfriend, Alexander, who was found in 2008 with dozens of stab wounds over his body, as well as a gunshot wound to the head, and his throat slit nearly from ear to ear.

The prosecution brought up Alexander's brother Stephen Alexander and sister Samantha Alexander to give their statements to the jury, and as they did so the jury was visibly moved to tears, with Arias herself crying throughout.

Stephen Alexander said, "I thought my brother was bulletproof. I thought he was stronger than anything, that he couldn't be cut down or knocked down. He was unbreakable. Who would want to do this to him? For what reasons? Unfortunately I won't ever get the answers to most of my questions."

Both siblings had been told that they were not allowed to petition the jury to give Arias any particular sentence, but that they should only express how the killing had affected them, and to also offer an account of what type of person Travis was.

Stephen Alexander admitted to having marital problems in the years after the murder as he struggled with depression and anxiety. He also explained how he had regular nightmares: "I don't want these nightmares anymore. I don't want to have to see my brother's murderer anymore. I don't want to hear his name dragged through the mud."

He was referring to the way Arias' defense team had claimed that Travis was the aggressor, and portrayed him as some kind of sexual deviant who bullied Arias mentally and physically.

Meanwhile, Samantha Alexander told the jury, "We have been at this trial everyday since it started. We have heard every detail about the crime and the injuries Travis suffered. I am a police officer, and some of these photos are more gruesome than what I've seen in 11 years of law enforcement."

"Our family has bore the burden of extreme financial hardship and loss to be sure that Travis's life was not forgotten, not lost in vain. To have Travis taken so barbarically is beyond any words we can find to describe our horrific loss."