Jodi Arias Trial Live Stream: Watch Online Murder Trial as Case Continues Following Mistrial Motion (VIDEO - WATCH HERE)

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(Photo: Reuters/Charlie Leight)Jodi Arias talks about the text messages with Travis Alexander from March through May 2008, as she testifies during her murder trial in Maricopa County Superior Court in Phoenix, Arizona February 19, 2013. Arias is accused of murdering Alexander, in the shower of his Mesa home in 2008.

The Jodi Arias trial continues on Thursday with a domestic violence expert scheduled to take the stand and give evidence. The trial is intensifying as it moves towards its inevitable conclusion, and all of today's court action can be watched online through free live stream via the video player below.

This week has been a dramatic one in the trial, with the defense putting forward a motion for a mistrial, as well as the dismissal of a juror.

The defense has claimed that the juror made comments about the case to a fellow panelist, which raised serious questions about the juror's impartiality in the trial.

The juror was dismissed, however, the judge denied the mistrial motion.

The developments left five alternate jurors, in addition to the 12 jurors who will ultimately decide the outcome of the case.

Testimony has now been moving forward for three months, and the intensity of the trial has at times shown clearly on the defendant's appearance - she has at times been very emotional, distressed and cried during the proceedings.

Arias is accused of murdering her former boyfriend, Travis Alexander, in his suburban Phoenix residence in 2008. She has been charged with first degree murder, and if convicted she faces a possible death sentence.

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Photo: Jodi AriasJodi Arias and Travis Alexander

Previously in the case a psychologist was presented by the defense, diagnosing Arias with post-traumatic stress disorder and amnesia.

The prosecutors in the trial, however, questioned the credibility of the expert, claiming that he had developed a relationship with the accused, and that his relationship with Arias had not made his diagnosis bias.

Psychologist Richard Samuels rebuked the suggestions, saying that he has professionally given his diagnosis based on multiple tests and his more than 35 years of experience.

Prosecutors have said that Arias planned the brutal killing of her boyfriend, and was fully aware of what she was doing. However, Arias has claimed the killing was committed in self defense, and the defense team has tried to portray her as the victim.

They have pointed to Travis Alexander as a type of bully and hypocrite, who had long imposed his own will on Arias and forced her into the killing by making her fear for her own life.

The prosecution has highlighted that Arias has changed her story multiple times. She initially told authorities that she had nothing to do with the killing and was not even with him at the time. However, she later changed that story to blame the death on masked intruders. Finally her defense team admitted that she had killed Alexander but put forward the self defense explanation.

The trial continues Tuesday and can be watched online through free live stream via the video player below: