Jodi Arias Trial Live Stream: Watch Online Murder Trial in Death of Travis Alexander (VIDEO)

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Photo: Jodi AriasJodi Arias and Travis Alexander

The Jodi Arias trial continues on Thursday with millions across the nation hooked to follow the trial unfold.

The media spotlight focusing on the case of Jodi Arias has not been seen since the trial of Casey Anthony a few years ago. The Jodi Arias trial can be watched online through free live stream via the media video player below.

Day 11 of the Arias trial, where she is being charged with first degree murder, has seen a grisly photograph shown to the court of a deceased Travis Alexander with his eyes wide open, lips shrunken and a slit across his throat from ear to ear.

It is reported that when prosecutors showed the horrific photo of the victim to the Maricopa County Court, Jodi Arias broke down in tears and sobbed. In addition, a family member of the victim also fled the courtroom.

The tension surrounding the trial is immense as the 32 year old ex-girlfriend of the victim is charged with killing him in 2008.

Prosecutors allege that Arias shot Alexander, 30, in the face, slit his throat from ear to ear and stabbed him 27 times, in a savage attack.

Although Arias has changed her version of events twice already, the latest version from the defense is that Arias admits that she committed the crime but that it was an act of self-defense.

An ex-girlfriend of Alexander's was also brought in as a defense witness on day 11. Lisa Daidone dated Alexander in 2007 after he broke up with Arias. She testified that Alexander lied and cheated on her with his murderer.

The on-and off couple allegedly split after she learned from his roommate that he was still sleeping with Arias. Daidone and Alexander, both devout Mormons, met at a church in July 2007.

Prosecuting attorney Juan Martinez asked Daidone if she thought it was appropriate to take a knife and slash somebody's throat. He asked before he presented the grisly photo: "Is this what a normal relationship looks like to you?"

The showing of the bloody photo sparked a reaction from Arias' defense team who shouted "Objection! Objection!"

The judge then went on and paused the trial briefly for a recess as the tensions reached breaking point. After the recess the judge denied the defense team's request for a mistrial. Judge Sherry Stephens also asked everyone in the court room to remain silent for the rest of the trial.

Daidone testified that she was saving herself for marriage and never had sexual intercourse with Alexander.

Daidone assumed that Alexander was also a virgin so she was shocked to hear that he was sleeping with his ex-girlfriend Arias while dating her.

Arias could become the fourth woman in Arizona's history to die by lethal injection if she is found guilty of first degree murder.

Here is a live stream of the Jodi Arias trial: