Jodi Arias Will Stay in Spotlight Even on Death Row, Attorney Says

Jodi Arias' fate is currently in the hands of the jurors who sat and listened to her case for the past four months. One thing is certain, though, according to a criminal attorney: even if Arias is sentenced to death row, she will not be a shrinking violet but will do her best to remain in the spotlight.

"Jodi is still going to be grand-standing from death row," Miami Criminal Defense Attorney Mike Eiglarsh told Radar Online. "She is still going to do the book deals. She will find a way for someone else to write it and then get money. She is way too smart, cunning and baffling to just disappear quietly– you haven't heard the last of her even after the conviction."

While Arias' case made her famous, her behavior has certainly added to her notoriety. Right now Arias has a Twitter account that she runs from behind her cell bars; a friend allegedly tweets whatever Arias wants her to. She has also already written her manifest and signed it "should she become famous" and need to make money.

Arias also draws and sells her handmade artwork online. While most are of inanimate objects or famous people, recently there was a bit of a scandal when some of the paintings seemed to reflect members of Travis Alexander's family. Yet her work has continued to be sold and bring in funds for the prisoner.

"People are going to want to hear her over and over again as she will make up something new," Eiglarsh added. "She is an extraordinary story teller."

"With her Prisoner Idol singing competitions and her fan club in jail, her life is not hard there. The worst thing for her is to be sent to death row where she will be literally by herself 23 hours a day. That is what she fears most. If she is in general population, she has accepted her fate," Eiglarsh said.

The jury began deliberating on Friday, and so far there is no indication when they may return with a verdict. If found guilty of first-degree murder, Arias could be sentenced to the death penalty.