Joe Gorga Chippendales Revelation: Melissa Gorga's Husband in Shock Admission

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Joe Gorga has made a surprising revelation that he used to work with the Chippendales. The shock announcement took place on Sunday's third and final episode of "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" Season 4 Reunion.

Gorga was speaking to the other husbands on the show; Chris Laurita, Joe Giudice and Rich Wakile, when he spoke out to defend Jacqueline Laurita's past as an exotic dancer.

The 38 year old was responding to Joe Guidice's comments claiming that Chris Laurita had told him he met his wife when she was a dancer in Las Vegas. Gorga said, "What's the problem with a stripper?"

When others agreed that there was no problem with it, Gorga continued by explaining that he had once been a Chippendale dancer for a year when he was attending college. He said, "I made a couple thousand a night!"

The group laughed along with the revelation, but then things turned more tense when the topic turned to sister Teresa. Gorga claimed that Teresa had ruined his family, saying, "I've been hurt so bad -- it's tough."

Gorga spoke to Real Housewives of New Jersey's Reunion host, Andy Cohen, as he confronted his sister and her husband for the first time in 12 months. He explained, "I didn't just lose my sister, I lost my parents."

When his sister accused him of devastating their parents by distancing his family from them he vented at his sister: "You've got to stop this, Teresa. If you stop, we can maybe be a family."

If anything the reunion show proved that it was highly unlikely that the Gorga family and the Giudice family were to have any kind of family reunion. Wife, Melissa Gorga, has even dropped the information that she and her family were moving out of the Montville, NJ area.

According to Us Weekly, Melissa has said, "I moved to this town so my kids could go to school with their cousins. But after this, I got really scared. I don't want them around anybody who is bashing their mother."

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