Joe Muto Fox News Mole: Employee Fired After Information Leak (VIDEO)

A man who announced himself as the "Fox Mole" as he accepted a new position at Gawker, has been caught after openly rebuking the network that employed him since 2004.

It took Fox less than 24 hours to sniff out the mole who had been attempting to take up a new position with Gawker. He had produced an anonymous article for the publication accusing Fox of what he considered questionable practices.

While it was Joe Muto's intent to stay anonymous, Fox was quick to catch wind of the Gawker article, which was published on Monday titled "Announcing Our Newest Hire: A Current Fox News Channel Employee."

"I always intended to keep my mouth shut. The plan was simple: get hired, keep my head down and my views to myself, work for a few months, build my resume, then eventually hop to a new job that didn't make me cringe every morning when I looked in the mirror." Muto wrote in the article.

However as fate would have it, Muto never got his dream job, and after accepting paychecks from the company for years he decided that he would instead turn his back on Fox and leak information regarding the company through Gawker.

The result? A spokesperson for the Fox Network has reported to Yahoo that Muto has been fired.

"Joe Muto is fired effective April 12," the spokeswoman said Wednesday. "Once the network determined that Mr. Muto was the main culprit in less than 24 hours, he was suspended late today while we pursued concurrent avenues. We are continuing to explore legal recourse against Mr. Muto and possibly others."

Despite a struggling economy, Muto seemed unfazed by the loss of his position.

"I am a weasel, a traitor, a sell-out and every bad word you can throw at me," Muto wrote in a new Gawker article written on Wednesday. "But as of today, I am free, and I am ready to tell my story, which I wasn't able to fully do for the previous 36 hours."

Muto's first article complained about racist remarks made about President Barack Obama on Fox Nation that the network was aware of and did little to prevent. He also mentioned racist coverage during Obama's 50th birthday last year and revealed Romney's love for horseback riding.