Joe Paterno Wants to Tell His Story, Father Says

Joe Paterno, the Penn State coach sacked in November amid the child sex abuse scandal, has been a figure of controversy over the past few months. Some feel that he was made a scapegoat whereas others believe he deserves to share part of the blame for the alleged horrific attacks that went on at Penn State over a long period of time.

Many are desperate to hear Paterno’s side of the story, and his father, Jay Paterno, is also reportedly keen on the public being able to hear a side of the controversy not yet revealed.

According to father Jay Paterno, Joe has been fighting fiercely in his battle against lung cancer since his diagnosis just after the Penn State scandal broke. Jay has explained that Joe is just as keen to get his side of the story out, but not time has been scheduled for such a release to be made.

Obstacles standing in Joe Paterno’s way in sharing his side of the story include his health battle, as well as the legal battle currently taking place with regards to the sexual abuse cases.

Reports have previously detailed how Mike McQueary came to Joe Paterno’s home in 2002 to report about an incident he had witnessed between Jerry Sandusky and a young child at Penn State. Although it is clearly obvious that not enough action was taken with regards to that incident, what is also clear to most people, is that it is also not clear exactly what Joe Paterno and the other Penn State leadership did in the aftermath of that report being made. Various questions remain unanswered: Why were the police not notified? Why was Sandusky allowed to continue working as if nothing had happened? What exactly were Paterno’s actions following McQueary’s report?

More recently Bill O’Brien was appointed to take over as coach at Penn State, and upon that announcement Paterno also released a statement congratulating him. However, many are still waiting for a direct, public statement to come out from Paterno to explain his side of the story.