Joe Simpson Divorce: Tina Simpson 'Paranoid' Former Pastor Spied on Her?

Tina Simpson is reportedly devastated after learning that her estranged husband Joe has allegedly hired her close friend to represent him during their divorce case. She is also said to be concerned that the former pastor may have used family members to spy on her during the course of their marriage.

The 52-year-old mother of singers Jessica and Ashlee Simpson recently discovered that Joe, 54, has retained attorney Steve Lee, the husband of her sister-in-law Sally, as legal counsel. New reports suggest that she is now paranoid that she may have been secretly watched for years by her husband due to his alleged trust issues.

"I think Tina has become quite paranoid about this … she thinks Joe has had her watched. Ever since she discovered Steve was representing Joe in their divorce case, Tina's been suspicious about her relationship with Sally," a source reportedly told

"I think that when Tina thinks about how much time Sally spent with her she starts to believe that Sally was there to spy on her. Sally often joined Joe and Tina on family trips, and I think that Tina found that quite strange, especially since she wasn't allowed to bring any of her own family. Sally got a special pass," the source explained.

Tina filed divorce papers in September to end her 34-year marriage to Joe and cited a "conflict of personalities" as the reason for the split, according to

The filing was soon followed by reports of an affair on Joe's part, with various media outlets claiming that he engaged in gay trysts during the course of the marriage, although he has since denied the claims.

"Joe had a tough time trusting Tina, so that could have been a reason for him to have his sister keep tabs on her," the source said. "He could also have done it to mask his own guilty conscience too."

Joe was initially accused of having a relationship with 21-year-old male model Bryce Chandler Hill, although both men denied the reports. Meanwhile Tina, who is yet to speak out publicly regarding the divorce scandal, is said to be emotionally broken over the situation.

"Joe, Tina, Steve and Sally all hung out together and Tina believed she was especially tight with Sally. Now, Tina doesn't know what to believe, thinks she's been stabbed in the back by all three and it's left a bitter taste in her mouth," another source said.

"Tina realizes there's a lot at stake in this divorce case, especially considering the financial earnings for her and Joe through their joint-management of Jessica and Ashlee. But now the battle lines have been drawn and with Joe's selection of attorney it just got a little more complicated," the source added.