Joe Walsh and Paul McCartney Take Grammys (VIDEO)

Guitarist Joe Walsh earned a free ticket to the Grammy's Sunday night, after he agreed to play on stage with Paul McCartney. Many lauded McCartney's Grammy performance.

Paul McCartney(Photo: REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni)Paul McCartney (R) performs at the 54th annual Grammy Awards in Los Angeles, California February 12, 2012.

Joe Walsh is a musician, songwriter, and music producer who is most famous for his part in legendary band The Eagles. On Sunday night however, he played alongside another music legend in Paul McCartney on the 2012 Grammy Awards stage.

Although the connection between The Beatles and The Eagles may seem like a far stretch, a family relation was involved. Joe Walsh, married to Marjorie Bach, is in fact the brother-in-law of Ringo Star, who is married to Barbara Bach.

Despite the family connection, Paul McCartney is not the first Beatle to play with Walsh. The guitarist also played with Ringo Star when the two did a tour together in 1989.

Paul McCartney also took the stage with Bruce Springsteen, Joe Walsh and Dave Grohl for their closing production for the Grammy Awards. Fans have raved about the musicians' performance. "I have seen a ton a fabulous performances in my life and I am still star struck from this performance last night. Never discount greatness!" Vicki Reed wrote on the Music Radar blog.

McCartney's performance was so universally praised that even Lady Gaga stood in awe of the former Beatle. Photographs revealed Lady Gaga planting a kiss on McCartney after the Grammys.

McCartney performed twice on the Grammy stage Sunday night. His first performance was carried out sitting on a stool as he sang "My Valentine."

The song holds a special meaning for the music legend, and was in fact written for his new wife, Nancy Shevell, and presented to her at their October wedding.

Although the Grammys had a later than anticipated ending, fans said that Paul McCartney and his impromptu duo were worth the wait. "Don't know how many of you stayed up for the end of the Grammy's last night but the performance by Paul McCartney etal was absolutely fantastic! It was definitely worth staying awake for," Becky O'Keeffe wrote.