Joel Smallbone in 'The Book of Esther': 'Sometimes It's Wisest to Push the Envelope'

2 photos(Photo: Pure Flix)Joel Smallbone as King Xerxes in "The Book of Esther."

Joel Smallbone is perhaps best known for his music career; he is part of the group "For Kings & Country." He recently crossed over and starred in "The Book of Esther," which was just released on DVD. Smallbone took the time to speak with The Christian Post about his new career and how important music and faith are to him.

The Christian Post: Why did you choose to work on this project?

Smallbone: Before I ever started working with my younger brother Luke, I worked more extensively with my older brother Ben on film. We would do short films all the time and loved the theatrics. It's been a part of me for a long time but has been dormant. My father was approached about me being involved, and it was exciting. I love the arts— the visual arts, the music, etc. Being involved was a great opportunity for me. It was a good start.

CP: What made you decide to cross over and begin working in the film industry?

Smallbone: I want to do one to two projects per year. I just wrapped a new film in which I play a 24-year-old musician. There is plenty of good talent and music in the film; it's very exciting with "Like a Country Song." The songs I sang were different from what I normally do, which was exciting.

CP: How are things with "For Kings & Country"?

Smallbone: We've had an exciting year so far— we just finalized a live DVD that will be coming out later this summer. We just finalized our Christmas EP, which will be coming out at Christmas. In the fall, we're touring with the Newsboys. And we're already working on our second record. I am actually getting married in 26 days.

CP: How does your faith influence your career?

Smallbone: Luke and I, the way we approach music and film, is to look at the heartbeat of why we're doing something … why we're writing a certain song, for example, and whether it is in line with Jesus' principles. We seek a lot of council; our father manages us, and he is a very godly, wise man. Sometimes the wisest decision is pushing the envelope … the music from "Like a Country Song" is very different from what we normally do. We want to do music and films for people … our hope is that it resonates with them … that people can find truth and relate.

"The Book of Esther" is available now on DVD. "Like a Country Song" is currently in post-production.