John Kerry in Broken Nose, Black Eye Visit to White House

Senator John Kerry on Monday drew attention away from the honored guests and Stanley Cup champions, the Boston Bruins, when he appeared at the White House with two black eyes and a broken nose.

The 68-year-old veteran Massachusetts Democrat received the injuries while he was playing hockey over the holidays, according to

Hockey is the favorite sport of Senator Kerry's and he is an avid player. The Bruins were being honored in the East Room by President Obama for winning the Stanley Cup last June.

"He's totally fine," Kerry spokeswoman Whitney Smith told ABC. "Very ironically he busted his nose recently playing ice hockey, so the Bruins can certainly relate."

Kerry who has played hockey for the better part of his life usually plays in a forward position.

The Senator and previous presidential contender also plays in the Congressional Hockey Challenge, which is a charity event between lawmakers and lobbyists that raises thousands of dollars for the Fort Dupont Ice Hockey Club in Washington D.C., according to The Washington Post.

Representatives from Kerry's office said the black eyes were caused after another player inadvertently hit Kerry in the face with a hockey stick during a game with friends and family over the holidays, which subsequently broke his nose.

"A broken nose, two black eyes," Smith confirmed in an e-mail. "He must feel like Mitt Romney after South Carolina," she joked after referring to the fluttering GOP presidential candidate.

Kerry is apparently used to rough play on the ice. He has been playing hockey for decades, Smith said.

When asked by a reporter who was responsible for hitting him in the face Kerry declined to identify who exactly the person of the high-stick violation was and whether he was even penalized during the game for the infraction, according to the Globe.